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L&L was founded in 2014, a B2B trader of the precision testing instruments imported from UK to China until now.  Beside the precision testing instruments, our team have strong connections to the motor vehicle manufacturers in China.  Both 2-wheels and 4-wheels.  Now, we want to move a step forward to the electric vehicles.  Let's go green.

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  • 07-14

    What factors should be considered when choosing an electric motorcycle?

    Electric motorcycles are a type of transportation powered by batteries, with advantages such as simple operation, green environmental protection, and low emissions, which are deeply loved by urban residents. Therefore, many urban residents will purchase electric motorcycles. However, for many people

  • 07-14

    How to correctly distinguish the quality of electric motorcycles?

    Electric motorcycles, as a means of transportation for urban residents' daily travel, have become increasingly frequent in recent years, so more and more people are purchasing electric motorcycles. However, facing the rich brands and types of electric motorcycles in the market, how to correctly

  • 07-14

    Maintenance of electric bicycles

    Pay attention to cleaning first, especially when encountering water, especially when it comes to salt water in winter (many cities spray salt water to avoid freezing after heavy snow in winter). It is even more important to clean it in a timely manner, otherwise it can easily cause metal parts to ru