The third stage of the development of electric bicycles

The third stage is from 2005 onwards, which is the rapid development stage of China's electric bicycles and is jokingly referred to as the "spray well stage" by the industry. During this period, with the fierce competition among enterprises greatly stimulating technological progress and the diffusion of new technologies, the technological level of the entire industry has significantly improved. The battery life and capacity have increased by 35%, and the motor has developed from a single brush toothed motor to a brushless high-efficiency motor as the mainstream. The lifespan has increased by 5 times, the efficiency has increased by nearly 30%, and the climbing and load capacity have increased by about 3.5 times. While improving performance, manufacturing costs have also significantly decreased, and the price and power have decreased to the original 21%; In the controller system and charging system, the technical level has also significantly improved. Especially in terms of battery technology and motor technology, significant progress has been made. The breakthrough in technology of lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles has led the international market, and has formed the Zhejiang Changxing plate led by Tianneng and Chaowei, the Jiangsu plate represented by Kanglian and Shuangdeng, and the Guangdong plate represented by Ruida. There are also multiple types of high-performance batteries that have evolved from a single lead-acid battery, and the emergence of lithium batteries has further driven the development of electric bicycles, especially simple models. In terms of motors, the invention of permanent magnet brushless motors has significantly accelerated the pace of industry development.


The key to motor performance is the performance of strong magnetic materials, among which rare earth permanent magnet materials have the most superior performance. China is recognized as a major country in rare earth resources and a manufacturing powerhouse in rare earth products worldwide. Due to the excellent performance, low price, and strong manufacturing capacity of rare earth strong magnetic materials, the expensive BLDC (Brushless DC Permanent Magnet Motor) system in the international market has been widely used by Chinese enterprises, and the electric bicycle industry has thus gained a unique resource advantage. From the perspective of the total production and sales volume of the industry, in 2005, the total production of various light electric vehicles (including electric bicycles) by hundreds of enterprises across the country is expected to exceed 9 million units, with exports of about 2-3 million units, achieving an industrial output value of 20 billion yuan, profits and taxes of about 6 billion yuan, and employment of nearly 1 million people in related production and service fields. China's production and sales of light electric vehicles have accounted for over 90% of the world's total, and China has become the world's largest producer, consumer, and exporter of light electric vehicles.

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